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Proffessional Conference Organizer

Al Jazeerah group It is a professional company with the dedication to providing the best in planning and hosting conferences in Jordan as that everyday job. Professional Conference Organisers with specific goals of providing the standards set by their customers (which, too, are busy professionals) when it comes to quality of service by providing. Not only but especially in the field of our speciality, like academic or medical. In this kind of job, a PCO is what for those busy professionals from dedicated sectors, who cannot afford the time to plan and organise an event, can be the best option they have to collaborate with us. As Professional Conference Organisers offer a wide range of services and support that will enable our clients to have a complete service. PCO companies with high level of support according the clients require and thus offering their services for specifically managing the event’s aspects for what the organisation or committee is wishing to outsource.
Al Jazeerah PCO’s are also very much willing to provide specific goals and achievements with their services, like:
•    Resourcing for the venues
•    Conference logistical and financial management
•    Event registration
•    Social event services
•    Sponsorship and Exhibition Management
•    Accommodation and Travel Services
The Professional Conference Organiser will make its way to create better services for those who are interested to have their event be planned well and become successful as for the result. These points mentioned above are great examples of the services which a Core PCO will provide to those interested professionals in the field.

Successful conferences inspire and motivate but also involve hours of planning, administration and coordination. Not having the right systems, experience or perhaps extra resources means you need to enlist the help of a seasoned professional.
As a professional congress organiser can proactively manage your conference from the beginning until the end. Take advantage of our resources and experience as we have professional teams trained to manage and coordinate your conference with outstanding service and passion.

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