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Frequently Ask Questions

Why Jordan?

For 5,000 years travelers have marveled the majestic archaeological sites and natural wonders of hospitable Jordan. The abundance of unique sights across the land is only but a reflection of the rich culture heritage of the kingdom. Visitors are enchanted, mystified and captivated by the famous rose-red nabatean city of Petra; Greco-roman temples and cities; crusader castles; the spectacular deserts made famous by Lawrence of Arabia; innumerable biblical sites identified with job, Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ; the red sea and the dead sea; and the capital city of Amman- a fascinating mixture of ancient and modern contrasts

What is JAZ cancellation policy?

Should you be unable to attend the JAZ event for which you are registered, for any reason, a substitute delegate will be welcome in your place. If this is not suitable, a $ 200 service charge will be payable. Registrations cancelled less than 7 days before the event must be paid in full.

What discounts are offered?

Certain JAZ events may feature group discounts for 4 or more delegates and also "Early Bird Discounts" for early registrations. See the back of the event brochure for details. Online registrations entitled to discounts will be confirmed by fax upon receipt of your booking.

I am with a hotel, how can I work with JAZ

JAZ selects the finest hotels with both the resources and the attention to detail required for staging our events. Should you represent a hotel and would like JAZ to consider using your conferencing facilities.

Who is responsible for travel & accommodation?

Delegates are responsible for making their own travel, visa and accommodation arrangements. JAZ has arranged a special room rate at a number of hotels. If you wish to book a room, please contact the relevant hotel directly.

How do I apply for a Visa?

Most nationalities can obtain visas at any border, port or airport EXCEPT the King Hussein (Allenby) bridge, which requires a pre-issued visa. A single entry visa will cost you US$15.00.

Groups consisting of 5 persons and over will be granted a free collective visa if they spend a minimum of two nights in Jordan

Can I purchase documentation?

To purchase a set of documentation - a lasting information resource for you and your colleagues please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do I request a brochure?

If you want us to mail you our event brochure, please send us an email mentioning the event code or topic area.

What is JAZ statement of integrity?

As the largest business information provider in Jordan, we think it is important to provide you with the most up to date information available. As you are our valued customer, we are committed to ensuring that this is relevant to you, your industry and your interests. To that end, following is our policy which we will strictly adhere to:

We Will Not: Send you information via email, unless we have your explicit permission to do so Release, sell or give your information to any other organization without your explicit permission to do so Continue to send you information via email once you have asked us not to via the "de-registration procedure" We Will: Send you news, updates and reports on areas that you have identified as of interest to you Send you information about our own products and services which match the needs and requirements which you have identified Allow other organizations to send you information about products and services which match the needs and requirements which you have identified Update our records should your requirements change and ensure that the subsequent information you receive reflects this Provide you with an easy to use de-registration procedure, to let us know if you don't need this information any more Attempt to keep the messages as brief and concise as possible in order to save download time


In this section, you will find information on the following:

  • What makes a good presentation?
  • What is the submission deadline for presentations?
  • What do I need to provide in my presentation?
  • What are the different session formats?
  • What does JAZ expect from speakers?
  • What evaluation criteria does JAZ use for speaking presentations?
  • What are the benefits to speaking?
  • I would like to propose a vendor-sponsored session. How is that done?
Speaker guidelines & tips

What makes a good presentation?

To include a syllabus/expanded abstract. Incomplete presentation that are commercial or marketing in nature will not be included. Write your abstract so that it is easily understood. Get to your point as quickly as possible. What is the presentation about? Why is this interesting? How is this important to our delegates? What will delegates get out of the session? Concise language goes a long way towards achieving this goal. Use of conventional writing standards such as topic and supporting sentences also help. Please write in third person present tense. For example, "This lecture focuses on 3D graphics." Not, "I want to talk about 3D graphics."   Ensure that your PowerPoint can be deciphered from the back of the room, highlighting the salient points with an effective use of color

What is the submission deadline for presentations?

Four weeks before the start of each event.

What do I need to provide in my presentation?

You need these 5 items:

  • Full contact information, including a short biography
  • Abstract
    A description of your presentation as you would have it appear in the conference programme in 100 words or less. (Write in the third person, present tense)
  • Description of the intended audience and prerequisites
    Describe what section of our audience would best benefit from this session in 35 words or less. Is prerequisite knowledge necessary for understanding the content of the session? (Write in the third person, present tense)
  • Idea takeaway from the presentation
    A description of tangible ideas that will be taken away by the attendee in 50 words or less. In other words, briefly explain what they will learn. (Write in the third person, present tense)
  • Abstract (extended version)
  • Provide a description of your class in greater detail.  You can upload a text file (in .txt format) for web inclusion.  Please limit your expanded description to one to two pages. (Write in the third person, present tense)

What are the different session formats?

There are five different session formats. They are:

  • Lecture - 45 minutes
    Lectures are presentations (speeches) that include examples, are issue-oriented, and contain both practical and theoretical information.
  • Panel - 45 minutes
    Panels take many different viewpoints on a topic or issue and combine them in one venue. Debate among panelists is welcome in this format and audience participation should be accounted for. Issues should be presented and placed in their proper historical context with an eye towards its future resolution.
  • Roundtables are small peer discussion groups limited to 35 people. When you choose to moderate a roundtable, you must facilitate conversation and keep the flow of discussion moving. Do not lecture or dictate. Constructive controversy and debate are welcome in roundtables. Topics that are open-ended in nature and promote an exchange of ideas generally work best in this format.
  •  Workshop - 2 hours – 6 days
Workshops are meetings for intensive discussion with an emphasis on problem-solving.  The Seminar-type free discussion, exchange of ideas, demonstration of methods of practical application of skills and principles is actively encouraged.

What does JAZ expect from speakers?

When you agree to speak at an JAZ event, you're making a commitment to deliver a well prepared talk and to speak on the proposed topic. We expect our speakers to submit a paper, presentation, or suitable contribution for the conference proceedings by the prescribed deadline. You should have adequate visual accompaniment to your speech and provide copies of slides or handouts for distribution in the classroom.  From time-to-time JAZ will record your presentation.

What evaluation criteria does JAZ use for speaking presentations?

We will email you a confirmation when we receive your presentation.  The conference Management uses the criteria below for evaluation:

  • Concept: This is the basic idea of your presentation. Is it interesting? Is it relevant? Will it be beneficial for professionals to hear? There's plenty of room for innovative ideas and also the tried and true.
  • Depth: Has the idea in your proposal been well considered and fleshed out? To what extent will the audience gain insight? The more in-depth, the better.
  • Organisation: Are your ideas organised in a fashion conducive to present in front of an audience? Will the delegates "follow" what you are trying to say? Organisation helps.
  • Credentials: How do your credentials qualify you to speak on the topic you've proposed?


What are the benefits to speaking?

The benefits to being a speaker include:

  • Complimentary registration, which includes morning and afternoon meals
  • Extensive exposure - your name and presentation are featured in our conference programme and on our web site, which will be seen by thousands of professionals
  • The chance to influence your peers and community

Time keeping


Conversely please ensure you fill the time allocated.  The best speakers finish on time, leaving the audience wanting more.

There is no leeway in most conference schedules to allow for over-running, and audiences get restless and tired if they don’t get their Question and Answer sessions or if they lose part of their breaks because of over-running. 

The first speaker in each session needs to set the standard on delivery and time-keeping, and the others will be more likely to follow his/her lead.  As soon as one speaker breaks this pattern, all the others feel they can.

Put yourself in the position of the last speaker; if everyone over-runs, he or she may have to be omitted by the Chair.

All speakers must time their speeches carefully while using their visuals.  Skilled speakers are always meticulous about this.  Trim the speech to fit the visuals while practising; such trimming will not be possible once you are on your feet.

What images can I show in my presentation?

Be selective – remember that the majority of the audience will be from the Middle East Region.  It is therefore prudent to assume that images of nudity or alcohol will cause offence.

Too many images confuse, rather than illuminate. 

If you find your visuals duplicating that of a former speaker, leave them out.  Also, do not use color schemes, small text or packed graphics which will be impossible to see from the back of the conference hall.

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