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Audio-Visual Management

Audio-Visual services are a major component in implementing successful meetings and events. While conferences, meetings, and events vary in size, structure, and content, so do their audio-visual requirements. There are however, there are three core components to the Audio-Visual portion of a meeting:

The equipment can be as simple as a projector and screen or significantly complex with multiple computers, sound systems, and more.
The technicians or production team are the people who setup and install the equipment. A tech can be described as anyone from the guest speaker who is willing to manage his own equipment to a team of professionals working together to produce elaborate shows. In most cases, the company who provides the equipment, also supplies a knowledgeable technician to setup and run the equipment.
The manager is the person who has ordered the AV, who knows how it fits into the context of the meeting, and who is the decision maker who coordinates the efforts of the technical staff. In many cases, the AV manager can also be the meeting planner. As in all aspects related to meeting planning, each meeting has it's own set of rules, and it's own key players.
How to Manage Audio-Visual for Multi-City Meetings and Events?
When a meeting planner is tasked with executing a series of events, for example, a series of medical dinner meetings, seminars, or other types of events that occur across the country, meeting planners can enlist specialized services that manage the audio-visual aspect of the meetings. G V. Event Partners is one such organization. G V. Event Partners' "single point of contact" Audio-Visual Management service is especially helpful for those looking to arrange audio-visual equipment for multi-city meetings in various settings across the country. This service manages AV needs without the travel or shipping expenses often incurred when using nationwide audio-visual companies.

Because G V. Event Partners uses local AV companies, they can provide AV services at a lower cost and since the equipment and technicians are local, last minute changes are not a problem. Technicians are familiar with the area, and often times are even familiar with the venue itself. Unlike other services who simply ship audio-visual equipment to a venue, equipment is set it up and ready to go at the start of the meeting.

Why hire a specialist to manage your AV?

With a Audio-Visual Management service like G V. Event Partners, an Audio-Visual Management Specialist works with you to learn about your specific AV needs and then they manage the whole process for you. By utilizing a service like this, not only are you saving on both time and money, you are giving yourself more time to focus your attention on other key aspects of the meeting.

How does GCG Event Partners' AV management service work?
An AV Management Specialist searches through the Audio-Visual Vendor database to locate an approved vendor near your specific meeting venue. The database is comprised of reputable and reliable prescreened audio-visual companies. In cases where your venue is not near an already prescreened audio-visual company that is included in the database, the Specialist will research AV companies outside the network and negotiate for the best service and pricing available.

One service for all AV needs?
Audio-Visual Management services are designed to be flexible and affordable. Depending on your needs, audio-visual equipment can simply be delivered to the venue or a technician can set up the equipment. The technician can stay on-site throughout the meeting or leave after insuring the equipment is working properly. Whatever scenario is needed, an audio-visual management service like GV. Event Partners, adapts to your needs while at the same time, minimizes cost, centralizes responsibility, and allows you to concentrate on the meeting


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